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Sketch: August 1994

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Background: During a trip to Epcot earlier that year, I remember wandering around the park and being totally appalled by a two-dollar Coke in a sixteen-ounce cup. And, at each station, there was a sign that read "Souvenir Cup: X of 6. Collect them all!" or some such.

I read that sign as: "We're gonna rip ya for the drink, then rip ya again when your kid wants all six cups." I bet they still do this, and I bet they charge three dollars by now.

I think I still have a couple of those cups.

About Langdale: I spent the summer of 1992 at Valdosta State College (now University), living in Langdale dorm. My hall jokingly referred to ourselves as the Langdale Lizards. We wanted to make t-shirts, and they looked to me for the design. I drew a semi-realistic lizard and showed it to one of the guys. He said, "No! Like a cartoon!" I drew this bulky cartoon lizard, put a Braves cap on his head, and Langdale was born. We got the t-shirts a couple of weeks later.

This is Langdale in a transition phase. He's smaller here than on the t-shirt, and without the cap. I wasn't sure what else to do with him, though, so the rest of him is mostly like the t-shirt drawing. He eventually got taller, got clothes, and lost the tail. So from the t-shirt to the strip, all he kept was his name and his nose.

And, yeah, that's Opus selling the drinks.