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Sketch: August 1994

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Background: Freshman year, I lived in one of three freshman dorms on West Campus. The dorm was located adjacent to two major fraternities, and thus was a party zone on Saturday night. Our dorm being a freshman dorm meant that it was essentially a "safe zone" away from the action. So when people (especially females) passed out, they'd bring them by our dorm and drop them off. (Our commons would often look like a war zone about 3am.)

The problem was that our dorm was closed, meaning that only people living in the dorm could enter with their cards. And I had the great pleasure of living in the room right next to the front door of the building. So my window would get banged on regularly (and often) until well into the morning.

Needless to say, after a year of that, I became a little jaded about the "dude, let's go get hammered" college party. Hence, this strip.

I've always liked drawing strips with unusual items serving as the background for the drawing. This one's definitely off-the-mark as unusual. I'll give you a hint - that's not a beverage. (I think this one might have had to be re-drawn had I decided to submit it.)