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Thursday, February 2, 1995

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Background: Nan = Nan Keohane, President of the University. The Bryan Center is Duke's student center, located on West Campus.

During this semester, Duke was implementing significant changes to its housing system. They had already decided to move all of the freshmen to East Campus, and were trying to figure out what to do with the space on North Campus that would otherwise have been occupied by freshmen.

The main problem at this point was that the space availability was imbalanced. There were more upperclassmen than could feasibly be handled on West, and upperclassmen generally didn't want to live on North.

North Campus was arguably the least desirable living space on campus. Not necessarily because of the housing itself, but because it was so inconveniently located. East and West Campus had libraries, classroom buildings, and eating options. North Campus had (basically) none of that, and was a good mile or more from West Campus.

The implication was that the University didn't want to force people to live on North. But if that was the case, where would they go on West?

This was my idea.