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Wednesday, February 8, 1995

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Background: In drawing this strip, I made one major cartooning mistake - I neglected to tie it in to the storyline. When taken out of context, this cartoon means something completely different than what I intended. People who haven't read the prior strips naturally assume that Langdale has received a breakup letter via email.

And, you know, I like it that way. Even if it is bad cartooning.

During a phone conversation with my cousin a few weeks after this cartoon came out, I casually mentioned that I drew a cartoon at Duke called Paper Cuts. He went silent and said, "Wait, you draw Paper Cuts?" It turned out that he had seen this cartoon attached to the front door of a neighbor at his college outside of Nashville. It's the only time I ever heard about one of my strips being cut out and mailed away from campus, and I always wondered if it had happened anywhere else.