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Thursday, February 16, 1995

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Background: The previous semester, I decided to take a shift at the campus radio station, WXDU. I was hoping to find a collective group of avid music fans and a way to share my love for alternative music. Unfortunately, I found the experience much less appealing, though I did discover some interesting music along the way. (It didn't help that I worked a Friday 5-8am shift.)

A side note: generally, most students don't listen to free-form college radio. And, when they do, and grasp the nerve to actually call in, they generally ask for stuff they've heard. In the case of WXDU, that usually meant stuff that wasn't in the station's catalog. This cartoon was inspired by a Friday night shift I heard, where the dj spent easily an hour trying to find a Zeppelin album to play a requested song, only to come up empty.

The day this cartoon was published, I strolled through the Bryan Center to check my mail. A girl was working at a table set up to promote WXDU and encourage people to get involved. As I walked past, I watched her pick up the copy of the Chronicle she was reading, tear out this cartoon, and slide it into her pocket.

If I were actually suave, I'd have strolled over, noted that I drew said cartoon, and struck up a conversation. Unfortunately, I am not suave, and I instead continued on to check my mail.