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Monday, February 20, 1995

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Background: I have to say, this was an ideal semester to have a cartoon. The University was implementing all kinds of radical changes in policy, which gave me plenty of fodder. (And making fun of the University would certainly get me in less trouble than attacking a living group or student organization.)

Another major policy shift was in the University's alcohol policy. Duke had long been seen as a "party school for the kids who could get into an Ivy League school", and I think the new administration wanted to change that. (In the mid-to-late 90's, colleges nationwide began cracking down on alcohol consumption after a series of alcohol-related deaths, but I remember this pre-dating that somewhat.) On February 16th, the University held a meeting to discuss the policy changes. (See Related Article.)

The previous school year, there were kegs on Thursday and Saturday nights on West, and Friday nights on East. Thursday night kegs ended after that year, hence the old-schooler in this cartoon.