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Wednesday, March 1, 1995

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Background: (See Feb 2nd.)

The University decided to solve their problem with upperclass housing by, no surprise, forcing people to live on North Campus. They decided to include Trent in the general lottery. Since rising sophomores had lower standing in the general housing lottery and upperclassmen would be more likely to choose to live on West, the end result was that North would be dominated by sophomores.

To offset the complaints, the University decided to "upgrade" Trent. They added weight rooms, an eatery, and gave Trent residents an all-campus parking pass. (See Related Article.)

Um, yeah, I had a more cynical view. It seemed bad enough that freshmen would be isolated from the upperclassmen, but so would sophomores. It didn't sound like the greatest idea.

Several years later, the University built more housing on West Campus and made North available to medical students, granted its proximity to the hospitals. My friends and I thought that was the right idea back then.