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Tuesday, April 18, 1995

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Background: I knew I was going to play in an Ultimate tournament the weekend before, so I opted to turn in the week's cartoons before I left.

Sunday night, I get back from the trip, and there's a message from my editor on my answering machine telling me that they can't run this strip. Monday, I call him to find out why, and he's adamant. "We can't run strips making fun of your friends."

Confused, I tell him to find a copy of Thursday's Chronicle and read the Letter to the Editor. After a lengthy pause, I hear him chuckle. Yep, cartoon was okay.

At an Open Mic Night the next week, as I was about to start playing a song, somebody in the audience actually asked me "So, what do you get when you cross Nan Keohane with a three-legged llama?" I ended up stammering some crap about how it's a secret between cartoonists.

But I know the real answer. And it's friggin' hilarious, I'm telling ya.