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Sketch: December 1994

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Background: This is one of the "Original Five" that I submitted to the Chronicle as my "audition". This is the only one of the five that was never actually published.

Okay, technically, this one isn't a sketch. This is a completed strip, save that I never inked it. The gist of this was that Duke was offering "package" deals (see Related Article) to students going to the Hall of Fame Bowl. I think my intention was to use this as a segue into the five Disneyworld sketches. But the cartoon itself seemed a little too convoluted for the general Duke audience, and by the time the strip started running, the Hall of Fame Bowl was ancient history. (Especially since Duke lost.)

By the way, notice that Langdale has a tail. I kept the tail from the original Langdale design, but later realized that it just complicated things unnecessarily. I erased it from the other "Original Five" before submitting them to be published (with the exception of the February 22nd strip, where I inadvertantly inked it).

And, yeah, that's Opus working the ticket window.