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This is where Paper Cuts got started. In the summer of 1994, I started drawing random cartoon ideas. I don't remember having the intention of doing anything serious with them. I think it just seemed like something fun to do when nobody had any work for me to do at the office (often) and when no kids showed up at the pool (semi-often). (I worked seven days a week that summer - Monday through Friday at a corporate office and weekends as a lifeguard.)

Once I knew I was doing a full semester of cartoons, I sketched out as many rough drafts as I could come up with. Most of them were eventually redrawn and published, but a few of them didn't quite make it that far. A couple of them I apparently just forgot about, and submitted crappier cartoons in their place.

All of these are scanned out of my sketchpads. Well, not really sketchpads - more like yellow Mead spiral notebooks. The cartoons aren't inked, and some of them aren't really even finished. What I'm getting at: some of them are hard to read. Also, I tended to stray from darker humor when it came to published cartoons, so at least one of these is weirder than the usual Paper Cuts fare. But some of these sketches have some minor humor value, so I figured they might be worth including.

July 1994 #1
July 1994 #2
July 1994 #3

August 1994 #1
August 1994 #2
August 1994 #3
August 1994 #4
August 1994 #5
August 1994 #6

December 1994 #1

January 1995 #1
January 1995 #2