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What is Paper Cuts?

Bad comedy meets bad artwork. Or something like that.

I'll admit: it's not uncommon for me to wander around and think, "What is that?" From good ideas gone wrong to sheer blistering stupidity, it's not hard to note when life runs amuck. Especially when you're on a college campus.

Paper Cuts became my outlet. From January to May of 1995, the strip ran daily in the Duke Chronicle, covering a wide array of oddities and... um... sheer blistering stupidity. (Sometimes, my own.)

A warning in advance: a lot of these strips are fairly specific to the time and place they were drawn. So if you weren't at Duke in the Spring of 1995, they won't make much sense. I went ahead and wrote up explanations for most of them, but it seems pretty obvious that any joke that needs that much explanation just isn't funny. (Admittedly, some of them weren't funny in the first place.)

But, hopefully, there a chuckle or two in there somewhere.

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